Good things take time...

Hello Groovers!

Some of you might of noticed that I didn't release a follow up collection in 2017 after Amanda Lyn's debut 2016 collection, "Down South for the Summer".

However I promise my fingers have not been idle my dears!

After many years of mad hattering, 2017 began with me feeling a strong need for a creative reboot and I decided to put my hat making skills aside for a moment and explore new mediums to get the creative juices flowing with fresh perspective!

The past year has been a direct contrast to 2016's neutral tones and I have artistically explored in all things colour, attending classes on resin jewellery, silk painting, mosaics, and oil painting. I've also learnt bead work and embroidery, in particular stitching raffia (which has a gorgeous finish, but oh my hands!), as well as spent a year in my much neglected garden turning it into a colourful Mexican style oasis that would make Frida Kahlo proud!

Coming soon in 2018 my new collection "Artesanía" (a Mexican Spanish word which refers to the art and handicrafts of the people) reflects on this year long artistic journey.

In Mexico, Artesanía is a term to distinguish merchandise made by traditional methods versus those made by industrial/assembly line methods and can be defined as those items created by common people, using methods which are well-founded in the past.

I have felt a deep connection to Mexican Artesanía this past year as I have explored other mediums under the guidance of skilled tutor's, as Mexican artisans also usually do not have school-based training in their craft, but rather learn it through formal or informal apprenticeship.

Due to the remoteness of where I live, in far north Western Australia, it forces me to be resourceful with limited access to (unique) supplies, and as a result led me to consider producing my own textiles. Last year I contacted silk artist Marlyse Carroll who along with her husband Michael generously allowed me to come and stay in their home in Clifton Springs in Victoria where I spent a wonderful couple of days being taught by Marlyse the art of painting silk.

Fast forward a year and much trial and error in the fine art of dyeing, I have been super excited to start incorporating this new skill into my millinery designs and I can't wait to show you the whole collection!

Here is a sneak peek!

I am also planning on finally releasing those hand embroidered fedora's (y'all keep asking me bout!) and a range of silk scarfs that are light weight and beautiful to wear draped across your shoulders or as funky head wrap. So watch this space!

If you would like to know as soon as the collection is released please join my mailing list on the home page. I promise I won't bombard you with weekly emails (I'm too lazy...erm..busy to write them), you will only hear from me when something exciting happens!

Also If you would like to see more of the past year's artistic adventure make sure you follow me on instagram @amandalynmilliner or click the link on my home page.

Have a great day!

Amanda Lyn xx

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