This cheeky galah was my Dad’s bird when I was a kid. Bruce loved Dad and would gently nibble his ear and whisper his secrets to him. In contrast to his complete devotion to Dad, he hated us kids with a passion and vehemently and gleefully would shred little fingers by first luring us in with false pretences for ”a scratch” then turning on us as quickly as a fart clears a room. Bloody fingers aside, Bruce’s other hobbies included modifying wooden furniture with decorative edging, going for bike rides on Dads handle bars and uttering the same two words repeatedly, ”whatcha doing?”
One day to our surprise Bruce laid an egg.


This hat is made to have fun in. Hand embroidered galah, pom pom trim on an easy fit headband, finished with a flair of vintage veiling, this piece takes after its namesake and is the life of the party. 

"Bruce" The Galah